Open mHealth is a health technology non-profit. We are building an open architecture to enable improved integration among mobile health solutions and unlock the full potential of mHealth. Through a shared set of open APIs, both open and proprietary software modules, applications and data can be ‘mixed and matched’, and more meaningful insights derived through reusable data processing and visualization modules.


Open mHealth a project of the Tides Foundation, which is a registered non-profit (501c3). We depend on private donations, foundations, corporate and strategic partnerships to fund everything from staff salaries to basic operations. These investments go to continuing the Open mHealth movement. Open mHealth is proud to be supported by:

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (current)
California Health Care Foundation (2011-12)
Vodafone Americas Foundation (2012)
McKesson Foundation (2012)

Open mHealth believes that innovation comes through open community and collaboration. To learn more about how your organization can contribute to the Open mHealth movement, email partnership@openmhealth.org


During their service together on a National Academies committee in 2008, Deborah Estrin and Ida Sim realized that mobile health (mHealth) was an up-and-coming technology, and if we could successfully apply lessons learned from other information technologies, the impact on health could be dramatic. In 2010, they co-authored a position paper in Science Magazine calling for an open mHealth architecture. In April 2011, Deborah and Ida convened a group of experts from the software and health worlds to strategize about how to actualize such an architecture. In September 2011, Open mHealth was born.