What is Open mHeath?

The fundamental technical concept behind Open mHealth is to create an open software architecture and foster an software ecosystem that adheres to the architecture. The goals of the open architecture and overall technical approach are:

  1. Promote reusability: foster software reusability in order to make it easier and more efficient for new applications to be built, and share innovations (software components, novel approaches) amongst software developers and health innovators.
  2. Create standardization: standardize APIs for back-end data stores to enable client software to access any Open mHealth data store in a uniform way.
  3. Develop use cases: produce examples and documentation of implementation examples that can provide simple and meaningful references for future integrations.
  4. Be pragmatic, considerate and iterative in our approach.

In addition to an open architecture, Open mHealth aims to foster collaboration between software developers, clinical experts, and health researchers. The scope of challenges to solve is vast and the need for solutions is growing and multi-faceted. Our team wants to work collectively to create a vibrant and effective mHealth ecosystem. If you’re interested in being part of the community, join our working group.

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